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The Thoughtful Work of Encapsulating, A Grateful Work


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“Each one of us have the ability to grow such an amazing gift. Be still our minds, be full our breasts and hearts.”

From the moment I get a call about encapsulating a placenta, I begin to think of the woman it will nourish.

I think about her in the weeks and days before she has her baby. When I get the call that she is in labor, I light a candle for her. For her, a candle for a gentle birth. For her baby, a peaceful journey earthside. When her baby is born and I am given the honor of preparing such a generous, treasured gift for her, I think of all I know of her. All I know of her postpartum history, her fears, her hopes for this birth, this baby.

As I prepare her placenta, she is on my mind. Each step is carefully prepared with her in mind. Thoughtfully and carefully. I am grateful for being given such a high calling and such an important task.

My blessing for each mama is different. But my true constant is that she find exactly what she needs and desires. That my careful and thoughtful work fills her with a quiet, still abundance.