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The Thoughtful Work of Encapsulating, A Grateful Work


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“Each one of us have the ability to grow such an amazing gift. Be still our minds, be full our breasts and hearts.”

From the moment I get a call about encapsulating a placenta, I begin to think of the woman it will nourish.

I think about her in the weeks and days before she has her baby. When I get the call that she is in labor, I light a candle for her. For her, a candle for a gentle birth. For her baby, a peaceful journey earthside. When her baby is born and I am given the honor of preparing such a generous, treasured gift for her, I think of all I know of her. All I know of her postpartum history, her fears, her hopes for this birth, this baby.

As I prepare her placenta, she is on my mind. Each step is carefully prepared with her in mind. Thoughtfully and carefully. I am grateful for being given such a high calling and such an important task.

My blessing for each mama is different. But my true constant is that she find exactly what she needs and desires. That my careful and thoughtful work fills her with a quiet, still abundance.


The Blessingway, Paving The Way For Our Daughters


Blessingway Necklace, Picture by Patience Salgado

“A crown has been made for you. Beads prepared, words shared. It is your time, sweet Mama. To meet your baby. ”    


I left a friend’s Blessingway the other night thinking about the traditions and customs we teach our daughters. And thankful that my own daughter, Ruby, in her teeny eight months of life, has attended three blessingways, not including her own. I feel grateful and honored to be able to share these times with her. These rites of passages. Celebrating with other women about pregnancy and birthing and mamahood and womanhood. Sharing sweet, tender, private moments with each woman in attendance. All of us vulnerable in sharing parts of our stories, but knowing we are in safe company. And my baby girl shares that energy.

I will create for her a feeling of safety around birth. A sisterhood. A knowing that she can do it. That she will do it. That she is doing it. She will know her own birth story, it will be told to her over and over again. I can say without doubt that my baby girl will know many birth stories. Stories of strength and bravery and courage. She will know that this work is hard, but it is so, so worth it.

Here, with her, begins a legacy. A legacy of truth around birth. A certainty and confidence about her ability as a woman. Her ability to birth a baby. This circle, this empowerment has begun. This I know.

The Placenta and the Playdate, Strategy of Birthwork and Mamahood


Placenta playdate, complete with plastic bowl hats!

In birthwork and in mamahood, there is a strategy to your every move. Going to the grocery store is no longer an errand, it’s a mission. A mission that is careful and strategic, and even more so with the addition of each child.  Once that second child is in play, those convenient little parking spots for “customers with children” are a slap in the face. Let’s face it, you’re parking half way out in the parking lot so you can park beside the cart return. The strategy is stick one kid in the cart, one in the sling and get this mission started. Then you find whatever snack or balloon giveaway said grocery store is offering; you are not the only one who doesn’t want to listen to your kids scream through an entire grocery visit. Then you skim. You never browse. The day of the browse is over. You skim the outer layers of the grocery store, scoring the essentials. Then. The trickiest part of the grocery store mission. Picking a checkout lane. Steering clear of old people and other mamas. Oh, and coupons. Never. Never, get in line behind someone with a Trapper Keeper full of coupons. Your mission is complete when you have successfully navigated your cart back to the cart return and buckled in your babes. Shew! And that’s just to pick up milk! You can only imagine the strategy involved in picking up a placenta two hours away!

Thank goodness for good friends, doulas who are passionate about this work and will go out of their way to help, midwives who know the benefits of encapsulating a mama’s placenta and a home base to make it all come together.

I will travel to pick up a placenta. So this last pick up was two hours away. And so begins the strategy. Figuring out how to travel two hours, one way with two kids under 3. And then drive straight back. You must implement the play date. Break up the drive time with some play time.

So that’s just what we did. After a missing placenta, a goose-chase of a cooler search and some crafty texting, we broke up drive time with a sweet doula friend and her daughter. We talked of friends, placentas and births. Just what doula friends talk about. All over chicken nuggets, of course.

My blessing for this sweet mama, whose placenta is now in the form of perfect little capsules, waiting to be delivered to her as her sweet gift to herself. My blessing is for postpartum goodness, lovestruck days with that precious baby, a healthy and abundant milk supply and most of all, overwhelming support.

*To learn more about my Placenta Encapsulation training, go to www.fullcircleplacenta.homestead.com.