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There are Tribes, And Then There are Tribes. Bragging Rights of a Card Carrying Tribe Member.


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“A Tribe is a group of women, supporting one another in mamahood. Without judgement and with total respect, love and admiration.”

My tribe is like no other. I find myself among these amazing, brilliant women. I’m not even sure how I got here. All of us connected through birth.   

Souls of gold and mouths like sailors, even this I love.  Sharing encouragement, disappointment, inspiration, hope.

We are all so different and in the end, we are one. Strong. Our common denominator of birth, and passion for birth.

It begins with birth, but then it goes deeper. It creates a history of trials and triumphs. It is a powerful thing, when a group of women form in giving way, to lift one another up in hope and support. A love and circle that is positive and unconditional rather than hurtful and judgemental.

So today I light a candle for one of my tribe members. Just as I did yesterday. I send her this amazing energy of healing and trust. My wish, my blessing for every woman, is that she find her tribe and that she settle in peacefully.


*This slideshow warms my heart. The birth photos were taken by Patience Salgado. Just a piece of this amazing journey.