Monthly Archives: October 2012

Back in Black. Well not really, but back anyway.



What a whirlwind this life has been over the last 4 months.

We moved back┬áto Virginia which has been wonderful for my mental state. To be honest, North Carolina beat me down. Not only was I in the midst of postpartum, but I was struggling to maintain a positive outlook on birth and maternal health. I also missed my friends like nobody’s business.

Since our return, I’ve rediscovered myself. My grey, hazy postpartum has lifted and I was standing there, clear as day. The podcast, The Tribecast, has taken off and we’ve had an outpouring of support from women across the country (even some women in other countries!). I’ve been attending births and really doing so many placenta encapsulations that I’m swamped most days. Which is when I’m at my best.

My husband started his own business which brought us back to our hometown. And my kids are growing and amazing me on a daily basis. I’ve started the prerequisites for nursing school which is kicking my butt and using my brain in ways it hasn’t been used in years.

In an effort to brush the dust off, I just wanted to post a blog. Get my feet wet after so much time off.

So here it is. It ain’t special. It just is.

<I wrote this a couple of weeks ago. I have been wanting/needing to just post a blog. Just break the block that has kept me from writing. So, like it says, here it is. Hopefully, I can move on from here. Also, I don’t have a pic to post. I’ll do better next time:-)>