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Emptying the Bag..



Last night I emptied my doula bag. Rice socks, essential oils, compresses..even straws and hair ties.

As I removed each item, I took a moment to remember every birth I have witnessed, every baby I have watched take that first breath earthside, every mama I have seen dig down deeper than she ever thought she could to push her baby out. 

I thought about meeting each of you at your interview. Watching you grow throughout your journey. Watching you make careful choices about your care provider, your birth plan, your body and your baby. And your birth. I thought about your birth. I thought about your strength and your power. I thought about what you didn’t know. What you didn’t know was that feeling you left me with as I walked out of that hospital, with this doula bag over my shoulder, smiling and giddy like I was holding some amazing secret in my heart, passing all these people visiting loved ones and arriving for their shift, not knowing what I had just witnessed. And then getting in my car, sometimes in the middle of the night, tears running down my cheeks overwhelmed with humility. And then I remembered you on your postpartum visit. Nursing your new, precious baby. A birth warrior. A different woman from just months before. And I remembered your worried calls about fevers and milk and even poop. And I thought about how you had no idea what those calls meant to me. To know you trusted me. And I know, because I made those calls after I had my babies. 

Last night, I emptied the bag. But I filled my heart. With unexpected memories that make me forever grateful. So thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Each and every one of you who have given me this honor. I can never repay you. I know I will continue to attend births. I do not know in what capacity or when. But I do know that I have enough birth love in my heart to get me through. 



Confessions of a Wanna-Be Supermom..


I yelled at my kid today.

I wanted this sillouette thing of both of my kids. I’ve wanted it for some time. Anyway, today, I decided was the day we were going to do it. I needed to take a clean profile pic of both kids to place the order.

My three year old, for whatever reason.. could. not. listen. He could not stand perfectly profiled, looking at the wall, in order for me to get three profile pictures (what this particular website requires). He could not do it without putting his hands in his mouth, his shirt in his mouth, crying, looking up at the sky, looking down at the ground, getting more and more nervous the longer it went on.

“Why can’t you listen?”!!! Ugh. I was getting so angry with him. All the while, my one year old is crying to be held and nurtured and who knows what else, I was too busy trying to get this stupid profile picture, right??

He’s getting more nervous and whining and putting his hands in his mouth and whimpering and he’s not sure what’s going on because I’m so mad at him and he can’t really figure out why because all I want is a picture right? What is so important about a picture?


The universe has her say. I yell one more time and slam my butt down one the coffee table..and the legs break off under me. Then I am really, really mad! @&*!%&@#!!

Finally. I break down. I start to cry. Totally not like me. He realizes my state and comforts me. “Mama, don’t be sad. Smile mama.”. Followed by kisses. Over and over.

Then the guilt comes. Oh and it comes. And it comes and comes. Like waves. Guilt  like nothing I have ever felt. And I cry. And he kisses. And I cry. And he tells me, “smile, mama” as he uses his little fingers to move my lips into a smile. Which makes me cry worse.

Damn man. All I can say is this shit is hard.

How’s that for post-Mother’s Day bliss?

Chiropractic Care and Babies, Healing and Wellness

My Ruby, being adjusted yesterday for a cold and fever.

“Choosing to live your life by your own choice is the greatest freedom you will ever have.” ~ Dr. Shad Helmstetter

I wish I had time to share the many stories we, as a family, have of chiropractic care. When my boy was just 18 months old, a cold settled in his hip and he stopped walking. In fact, he stopped walking, running, jumping and anything else that required him to be on two feet. In one morning, he went from running around the house to crawling slowly and tepidly. We were so scared. He did not have a pediatrician in town, so I called a pediatrician from our hometown that I was comfortable with. I knew she would not be an alarmist and would give me an honest opinion. After a brief phone conversation she told me if he couldn’t walk by morning, we should take him somewhere to have blood work done. Oh how stressful that evening was. Wishing he would walk. Thinking the worst.

After much discussion, my husband and I decided we would try chiropractic care before doing blood work. So, the next morning, still not walking, we took him to the chiropractor. This chiropractic care felt similar to midwifery care in the way that we discussed our lifestyle, philosophies and outlooks before beginning care. Again, relating everything to birth, but really, not getting the prescription pad shoved our way, rather a conversation and discussion about options and choices.

After a couple of adjustments (same day), my boy walked out of that office. And throughout the day and into the evening his step got a little bit quicker. By the next morning, I was chasing him around the house again. Needless to say, we were sold.

Since then, we have become evangelical about chiropractic care, using it as a tool in our family for everything from turning a breech baby to sniffles and sneezes. When one of our babies is having a tough time, our first thought in the way of care outside of the home, is chiropractic care.

I wanted to compile a small list of just some of the things common to babies, off the top of my head, that can be solved by chiropractic care.

  • acid reflux
  • sleeplessness
  • epileptic seizures
  • cold
  • fever
  • teething
  • ear infection
  • headache
  • stomach ache
  • respiratory distress
  • birth trauma
  • tantrum
  • colic

*For more information on chiropractic care for babies and children, visit www.icpa4kids.org. There are some really great testimonials on this site.

*For more information about our local chiropractor, visit www.chapmanschiropractic.com and search Chad Cato.

The Ripple Effect of the Oxytocin High


Oxytocin Love, Picture by Patience Salgado

Oxytocin:  (ox-y-to-cin) polypeptide hormone, produced during and after childbirth. Commonly known as the “love hormone”. Often imitated, never duplicated. 

Today I visited with my dear friend and her one day old baby. Born at home, pink as a rose and beautiful. And mama looked more effortlessly gorgeous than I’ve ever seen her look. Relaxed, in her own bed, nursing her new baby.

I sucked up all of the love in that room. Her birth alter feet away. Her candles still burning. That love. That oxytocin love. Such a sacred space. I was honored to be there. Honored to get some of that energy.

As I listened, soaking up her birth story, the real story, I listened so gently. Carrying this story so fragile and fresh. This space, really too intimate for me to be there. This space and time shared with me. Grateful.

So I take away this amazing Oxytocin high. This sympathetic high of being in your own bed, snuggling with your brand new baby all day as it drizzles outside and the world moves on without you. This cloud 9, this euphoria.

I thank you, mama. For this little piece of heaven. This everything will be alright. This, the whole world is simple and lovely. My heart is heavy and full for you tonight.

My blessing for you, my friend. That you stay in this cocoon for as long as life will let you.