The Ripple Effect of the Oxytocin High


Oxytocin Love, Picture by Patience Salgado

Oxytocin:  (ox-y-to-cin) polypeptide hormone, produced during and after childbirth. Commonly known as the “love hormone”. Often imitated, never duplicated. 

Today I visited with my dear friend and her one day old baby. Born at home, pink as a rose and beautiful. And mama looked more effortlessly gorgeous than I’ve ever seen her look. Relaxed, in her own bed, nursing her new baby.

I sucked up all of the love in that room. Her birth alter feet away. Her candles still burning. That love. That oxytocin love. Such a sacred space. I was honored to be there. Honored to get some of that energy.

As I listened, soaking up her birth story, the real story, I listened so gently. Carrying this story so fragile and fresh. This space, really too intimate for me to be there. This space and time shared with me. Grateful.

So I take away this amazing Oxytocin high. This sympathetic high of being in your own bed, snuggling with your brand new baby all day as it drizzles outside and the world moves on without you. This cloud 9, this euphoria.

I thank you, mama. For this little piece of heaven. This everything will be alright. This, the whole world is simple and lovely. My heart is heavy and full for you tonight.

My blessing for you, my friend. That you stay in this cocoon for as long as life will let you.


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  1. So,so happy to have you in the blogosphere friend…I can only imagine the impact you will have sharing your heart and knowledge! love to you…

  2. Oxytocin is a powerful hormone; also released during sex; gatherings with friends; dating and other maternal moments besides birth. This is a lovely blog – I’m only emphasizing the importance of oxytocin to drive home the point of how important this hormone is and to enlighten and encourage young women to do all they can to stay intact. Hysterectomies (which most of you will be encouraged to have in your future if you live in the United States) will reduce this ever so important hormone. Most women report “blunted emotions” after a hysterectomy. (My area of research.) Treasure the feelings you are having now and don’t forget them – so you can preserve them in the future! – Blessings to all.

  3. What a gift you have to be able to put that feeling, that bliss into words. But you didn’t help me at all with my recent and very deep NEED to have another baby 🙂 I think I just ovulated reading this. xoxo

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